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Top 5 + 1 videogames I loved in 2016

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As you probably guessed by the title this are my favorite 5 games I played in 2016. Now these aren’t games that were made in 2016 neither did I play them for the first time in 2016. They were the ones that I played for hours in 2016. Playing them for as much as I did I know feel trully able to talk about them so here they are:

1) Vanilla World of Warcraft: A very old, very famous multiplayer game that has no longer official servers. Last year I was firstly introduced to the game but never played it as much as this year. Also until this year I didn’t really get the game. I hadn’t really played a multiplayer game and in truth I am one to trully look for the story in a game. A few months later though I realized what the true deal with that game was. The people. The fact that you got to play with real people talk to them and get to know them through the game. That and the traveling. No matter how many games I’ve played I never really got the true feeling of traveling. Most of the time the way from one place to the other was to short not allowing you to really get the feel of the journey.

None of these too really happen in this game. Furthermore the game is really great for playing with friends. Great game if you like playing with friends and love a long game.

2)Age of Empires 3: I’ve always been into strategy games. I started with age of mythology but only this year tried to get good at it. Even though I’m still average my way of thinking really changed and my micromanagement skills have developed a lot. Other than real life skills it is a great game that takes place in exploration and new world era when America was first discovered. You have a deck that brings helpfull shipments from the homeland and a great explorer that explores the new world, makes alliances with the natives, establishes trade routes and discovers treasures. It is a trully lovelly game to be played with friends or alone since the AI is pretty cool. There are also lots of interesting mods for the AI if it’s too little of a challenge for you.

3) Tomb Raider 3: Another game I got to play this year even though I got stuck in the first level :(. However it reminded me how great the puzzles of the early tomb raider games where and had me looking back into my first years of playing videogames. Back then I would get lost into the levels and try every single corner of the map to figure out the puzzles and every last secret. In any case great game with amazing atmosphere worth trying if you like old tomb raider games with their amazing puzzles.

4)Bioshock 2: A game I started and finished in 2016 the reason I started it was my love and excitement for the first game that is one of my absolute favorites. Bioshock 2 was not as exciting as the first game but it was definitely good enough to finish it. The story was great and I cloud say even more exciting than the one of the first game. The highlight for me was one of the of the last stages when you get to play as something different than the protagonist. The excitment of the environment and the strong feeling of mystery is strong and makes the story exciting with an awesome climax. Definitely reccomend it for anyone that liked the first game or any good story. I would say though that it’s better to play the first Bioshock game first.

5) Heros of Newearth: it’s only recently I began playing Hon. It’s a moba game and a kind of game I had never played before. I am a single player kind of gal, it’s true. However when I was first introduced to it I just couldn’t look over the visuals and some of its cute heroes. I’m still a noob and still mainly impressed by the looks but I have a feel that this is a game I will trully be enjoying this year.

+1) Tropico 5: a few years ago I had tried tropico for the first time. I remember neither how I found out about it nor how I felt about it then. But a few months bag I rediscovered it and fell in love with it all over again. It’s a strategy game but nothing like the classic serious strategy games. It has a very special taste in humor that makes it unique and really fun at the same time. It focus mainly (if not only) on economy as you are the dictator of an island and your goal is to remain that. It a lot of fun and really great if you want a strategy game with lots of humor.

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First blog post

Hello, hey there, howdy!

I’m Olga and this is my blog! I am a rather hard to concentrate on one matter person and therefor this blog will have to do with a lot of things that I find really interesting and fun like the videogame I’m playing at the moment, or an amazing movie I saw last night or even a book that truly caught my attention. I will be also talking a little bit about traveling around since as a wonderful person once said “Not all those who wander are lost” and I indent to share my wondering around with you. All in all this will be a fun little corner to find out a great creative past time and good recommendations on entertainment.

Other than that here you may find some good sites for e-learning and tips on how to learn stuff through the internet and keep organised and focused to get through them.

I’ll be posting soon, so stay tuned 😉